Thursday, August 06, 2009

So What's YOUR Dream Job?

Don't know if you saw yesterday's post about Joe Posnanski leaving the KC Star for his "dream job" at Sports Illustrated and my take on What It All Means (caps = sarcastic).

Got a lot of responses to it, and the question about what defines a "dream job" -- specifically across generations, particularly in sports media -- turned out to be pretty fascinating.

So here's the question for Comments: What is YOUR "dream job?" Does it have anything to do with sports? Let's qualify it: It has to be your nominally attainable dream job.

(Example: I'd love to be the commissioner of a sports league or the host of PTI. Ain't happening. I did also, however, dream to write a daily sports column for a national audience. Done!)

-- D.S.


DougOLis said...

General Manager for a sports team (preferably baseball)

Unknown said...

Dream job would be press secretary for the White House. I'll settle for having my own PR firm.

More unrealistically, my dream job would be to write a national sports column about off-the-beaten path ideas (Wright Thompson, WSJ Sports are the inspiration).