Monday, August 03, 2009

Urban Meyer Gets Paid

That's a new 6-year deal at $4 mil per, making him the highest-paid coach in the SEC (and, notably, the highest paid coach of any public university in the country). As it should be.

This deal does a couple of things. No. 1: It should end all the claptrap about Meyer leaving for Notre Dame -- at least in the next six years.

No. 2: Does nothing to derail my conspiracy theory that Meyer will end up as the coach of the New England Patriots.

Six years is plenty of time for Meyer to finish proving he rules college football (I'll go with a Beano/Paulus-style prediction of 4 national titles in the next six years), plus get his son Nate out of the stable Meyer house in Gainesville and into college.

It is also enough time for Bill Belichick to be ready to retire from coaching -- at least actively. Belichick's tight relationship with Meyer is well-documented -- both coaches lean on the other for inspiration for their "programs." Further, Pats owner Bob Kraft is a huge Meyer fan.

And so in 2014 -- coming off another national title -- Urban Meyer will be hired to succeed Bill Belichick as the head coach of the Patriots. (Tim Tebow's place on the Pats roster is optional.)

In the meantime, what's $4 million a year when you are paying for the best college football coach in the country?

-- D.S.

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