Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday 08/02 (Very) Quickie

Phelps edges Cavic in 100 fly: I'm a big fan of NBC Olympics reporter Alan Abrahamson, and if he says that this was the best non-Olympic race in the history of swimming, I believe it -- and not just because I love that kind of superlative. Check out the race video here.

(What a great visual: Phelps popping his jersey -- or, um, swimsuit -- and he wasn't repping "USA" -- he was repping "Speedo," as in: "I don't need your silly super-suit." I didn't see a whole lot of joy from Phelps in winning this race -- just the most intense look of pure competitiveness I think I've ever seen.)

Vick to the...Steelers? I love the "Vick seen in [Fill-in-training-camp-region-here]!!!" The latest: Latrobe, PA -- home of the defending champs?

There is a reason that the Steelers and the Patriots are among the best fits for Vick: On the defending champs, the team culture is strong enough to give Vick the support system he needs. And on the defending champs, it is a mark of legitimacy that will make it hard for the media to rip him -- or the team.

MLB Studs: Andrew McCutchen is kind of awesome -- 3 HRs yesterday vs. the Nats... Matt Holliday: 2 HR in Cards W vs. Astros... Damn, is Tim Lincecum good (just utterly shut down the defending champs last night)...

Tiger's 65 at the Buick: Wow, was I really talking Friday about Tiger being at the edge of the cut. He's playing with that old killer instinct now.

-- D.S.

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