Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday 08/06 Quickie: Vince Young,
Eli Manning, Brandon Roy, Best of 00s

Great little gimmick by Sporting News this week: Pick the top player of the decade in all the major sports. OK, I'll bite: It led today's SN column.

But I'm unhappy with their choices, and don't mind saying so. The problem stems from limiting the "best" to two choices -- except, cryptically, NASCAR, where there are 3. Not sure why they couldn't/wouldn't do 3 for the other sports. Especially because I'm not sure their Top 2 is right:

CFB: Leinart vs. Tebow. I'll take Vince Young, for now. (At least until Tebow finishes this season and we see where he stands.)

NBA: Kobe vs. Duncan. I'll take LeBron, who is not only the best player in the league -- for about the last 4 years -- but he has redefined excellence and ability.

College hoops: Hansbrough vs. Jason Williams. Really? Because I'll take Carmelo over either -- yes, Melo only played 1 year, but pound-for-pound (or minute-for-minute), Melo was the best.

(And I even feebly attempt to argue that Joakim Noah is more worthy than Jason Williams. Let's just count the rings on the fingers.)

NFL: Brady vs. (Peyton) Manning. Yeah, these are the top two, but it seems hard not to at least give Ben Roethlisberger the "nice just to be nominated" nod in a 3rd spot.

MLB seemed right -- Pujols vs. A-Rod -- but I'd love to get a SABRmatrician's evaluation of whether there was a glaring omission here, even as a 3rd candidate. Pujols obviously wins.

(I still go with Pujols, but the Commenter below is dead on: Bonds is in the discussion.)

VY has been on my mind -- this Esquire quote about making it to the Hall of Fame is top of the news today -- but I did a post on Teblog yesterday comparing Tebow and Young for NFL potential.

And, not to spoil the surprise, but in EDSBS's Gators book that came out this month, I wrote the cover story about Tebow's place in CFB history. For now, I still think VY rules. Eh: For now.

The SN column has a lot more today:
*Is Eli Manning worth being the NFL's highest paid? (Yes.)
*Are the Rays the team to beat in the AL? (Yes.)
*Is Brandon Roy worth the 5-year extension? (Yes.)
*Is the CFB Coaches Top 25 an abomination? (Yes.)
*Is Delaware going to go sports-betting crazy? (Yes.)

Complete column here
. More later. BTW, if you care about this ESPN/Twitter thing, check out EIC Rob King's thoughtful and insightful post about it.

-- D.S.


SwaggerTooth said...

CFB: How can you not take Tebow when in the back of your head you wonder if he's the best of all time? I mean, in order to be the best of all time, you at least have to be the best of your decade, no? (Count the rings, too)

NBA: Saying LeBron has been the best player the past 4 years is extreme. It's definitely Kobe vs. Duncan. (81 pts! Oh yeah, count the rings.) My pick: Kobe

CBB: You're dead right--it's Melo

NFL: I don't think Big Ben should be put in the Brady/Manning debate. This is for the best player of the decade, not the best "Please-don't-screw-up-the-game-and-we'll-win QB". Tomlinson should be the 3rd candidate. My pick: Brady

MLB: Bonds clearly wins. Case closed.

DougOLis said...

CFB: Young holds the interim spot until Tebow finishes this year

NBA: Duncan. Giving it to LeBron now would be like giving Jordan the 80s. Maybe but a better fit for the 90s.

CBB: Candace Parker

NFL: Peyton. Too much of Brady's success can be attributed to his team/coach.

MLB: Should be Pujols vs. Bonds and I guess I take Pujols for the longevity of the decade. And the no steroids thing. Bonds was ridiculous in the 1st half of the decade though.!/DuelingAces said...

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