Friday, August 07, 2009

Today on Teblog: Tebow vs. Leinart

Today on Yeah, expectations are high for Florida this season, but remember the lesson of USC 2005. What were we saying about them back in August 2005? "Best team ever?" How about Matt Leinart? "Best QB ever?" You bet.

Then look what happened five months later. That USC team and Leinart are both better known for being losers than being a champions the year before. It is a cautionary tale for Gator fans and Tebow fans.

(I also become the first to coin the description of Matt Leinart as "Bizarro Tebow": In a nice symbol for the inflated times we were living in back in 2005, Leinart was actually celebrated for his shallow Hollywood party-boy lifestyle. Hm: Can you be "Bizarro" yet come first?)

-- D.S.

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Steve Sprague said...

I love the bizarro Tebow analysis for Matt Leinart. I'd been wondering when you would compare the two. They do have similar situations going in. Two 'ships already, a Heisman, loads of hype, pre-season number 1 and Heisman favorite. Of course Tebow is a responsible and devoutly Christian young man who spends his free time doing charity/missionary work. Leinart spent his free time being a LA celeb and knocking up co-eds. Perhaps Tebow should be the "bizarro Leinart" but I think we should reward him for his good deeds by giving Leinart the bizarro tag.