Friday, September 29, 2006

End-of-Week Review

Thanks for another great week, everyone. (Best week yet, actually.)

Don't forget to have your say about today's big picks:
*NFL Week 4!
*CFB Weekend!

Meanwhile, here's my weekly ranking of my Top 10 favorite newsmakers of the week:

10. Byron Nelson: R.I.P. to golfing great
9. Rutgers: Ranked for 1st time since '76
8. Chris Simms: Got some 'spleenin to do
7. Madden Curse: B-button to heal foot?
6. Twins: Still time to win AL Central
5. Billy Beane: A's clinch AL West
4. Tigers: What a difference 3 years make
3. Cardinals: By Monday, we'll see...
2. Superdome: What a sight on Monday night
1. T.O.: It was played out by the 2nd hour

Comments: Who was YOUR most significant newsmaker of the week?

-- D.S.


Generik said...

I think T.O. takes the cake for biggest news maker. More important to me though is that NL central pennant race. Honestly kind of makes the AL central race look lame. At least the Twins and Tigers KNOW they are playing next week. Either the Astros or the Cards are going to be staring at a long offseason wondering "What if..."

Go Stro's!

jhawkjjm said...

I'd grudgingly have to say T.O. was the biggest story (non-story?) because of all the drama associated with it. I'm also one of those who didn't realize that Byron Nelson was still alive.

As for the Superdome and NO, yes it was fantastic to see it all. BUt at the same time I'm curious why so much money, $185 million, and importance was put into restoring the Superdome where there's so much more important things that needed to be done. (IMO) It's great that the city has its football team back in NO, but was that the greatest need for the city?

Something that hopefully won't be added to this list is the following: Buck O'Neil was hospitalized a week or so ago and the story coming out as of this morning was that thing took a turn for the worse Thursday night.

TBender said...

Magic number = 4.

Here's hoping for enough Cardinal victories to make the game vs San Fran moot.

Barring that, I want a three-way tie in the Central. That would be cool.

paul said...

T.O. was a big deal... but the two things I have tracked the MOST

1. NBA 2k7 or LIVE??? -- both basketball games came out for next gen consoles this week... and the debate on which one was better and a better purchase was debated HOTLY. The fact that the NBA Live 07 offical review hasn't surfaced on either IGN or Gamespot yet has only fueled the fire. In true quickie fashion... tracking......

2. The end of an era? -- Whether you are a Patriots fanboy or a hater, the ongoing saga that is your 2006 New England Patriots is substantial. Whats wrong with Tom Brady? What are they going to do about their (lack of) wideouts?

Chris (CT) said...

story of the week will be the cardinals if they go completely peyton manning on us. to echo colin cowherd, couldn't have happened to a better guy in Tony LaRussa.

Christian Thoma said...

Eric Neel's take on the Card's collapse is high-larious and deserves reading: Collapse?

Ace Cowboy said...

How about this Chinese guy, boxing a kangaroo at the fourth annual Animal Olympics in Shanghal this week. Totally under the radar, but awesome nonetheless.

Brian in Oxford said...

Could you imagine if the NFL decided ties for wild card spots "on the field"? Like a midweek Wednesday game, winner plays as the actual wild card on Sunday! Who cares about the lack of prep time, win your divison!

(Akin to the idea of 2 wild card baseball teams playing one game....burn your best pitcher.)

Badass Of The Year said...

There were bigger stories this week, but Petey out for the post-season broke my heart.

Big Sneeze said...

Losing Pedro the day that I find out that a buddy of mine will split his entire postseason tickets with me...saddest 1500 I have ever spent. God why am I praying that the back page of The Post in one week's time has the headline "Maine Event" with a picture of John Maine being carried off the field after a no hitter to clinch round one!??! Pipe dreams, thats all I have left.

marcomarco said...

As a sox fan, I too am sad to see Pedro go down. I'd like to see him get another ring.

One has to wonder, however, is Omar getting bashed yet? Is Theo getting a pat on the back?

Mr. E said...

My most signif...appearing naked onstage in the Musical the Full Monty.

Horrifing...but quite fun.

And the only people who are traumatized are the ones who paid to see it.

Matthew B. Novak said...

Again, bigger stories for the week, but God bless Brad Radke for pitching again. It really means a lot to his team and their fans.

Christian Thoma said...

What would Omar possibly get bashed for? Pedro contributed mightily the first half of the season (and last season); Omar should get plaudits for making sure the Mets weren't overly dependent on Pedro.

Of course, come Year 4 of the bloated contract, if Pedro is 1-5 with a 6.37 ERA and multiple stints on the DL, Omar might take some hits. But it's not like the Mets are a small market team and can't afford to overpay for Pedro.

BottleRocket said...

How about the biggest story being the constant bickering between espn and ex-espn writers. Did Simmons take another shot at shanoff in his article today?

But it's coming. Oh, yes ... it's coming.

You have to believe me.

From a gambling standpoint, be very careful about trusting the 2006 Ravens.

And yes, I'm using short paragraphs to stress the urgency here.

Be careful.

Be very careful.



Ron from SportsBastards said...

I dunno, bottlerocket. The Ravens are ripe for an implosion.

marcomarco said...

bottle, you're finding things that aren't there. If he had said:


Then you might have something.

Mega said...

But Da Bears aren't!

Even these guys agree!

Christian Thoma said...

I agree with ron, bottlerockets. I didn't see that as a Shanoff-related comment at all. It reminded me more of Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

thistlewarrior said...

What about Chris Henry puking out a car window? All of us in Cincy are just so damn proud.

Bob said...

Sadly, TO was my biggest newsmaker of the week, since Wednesday was spent asking "did he or didn't he?" My second biggest newsmaker is the race for the AL Central, which is now tied headed to tomorrow.

Josh said...

So which game is Florida going to lose by two TDs? Auburn? LSU? Georgia? FSU? Two or more?