Thursday, September 28, 2006

T.O.: Uh, On Second Thought...

So it turns out that now the cops are calling T.O.'s incident an "accidental overdose."

Now, maybe it was.

Or, upon further review, maybe the cops tweaked the official story because of pressure from... well, pick your source.

But make no mistake: If "accidental overdose" was there from the start, yesterday's utter craziness would never have happened.

What was all the fuss about again?

-- D.S.


Gary said...

You are assuming someone put pressure on the cops to call it an attempted suicide in the first place...who is to say "25 million reasons" aren't persuading the cops to say it might NOW be accidental?

Just being a cynic

Christian Thoma said...

So what's up with this 'The Fantasy Show' on ESPN2? I've never watched it before and I must say, there's something disconcerting about Jaws (still wearing those god-awful glasses) with a polo.

As for TO, you better believe he's going to have 11 catches for 150 yards and 3 TDs on Sunday. I think he's thankful to be alive, and it'll show in his performance.

iamunstoppable said...

"TO has 25 million reasons to live." -
his publicist.

good to know he surrounds himself with people that really have life in perspective.

Blockage said...

Honestly, I stopped listening to TO's rants/nonsense/hooplah/news/gripes/self promoting/play or won't play garbage about 2 years ago. Let's focus on some real sports news like the fact the Astros won AGAIN.

Christian Thoma said...

Dear TCU,

Thanks for sucking against BYU.


Christian Thoma said...

And in other news (getting a jumpstart on tomorrow)

St. Louis is down by EIGHT. Oh, and Houston won.

The Real USC is keeping it close at Auburn, which is giving the other USC happy feelings.

Pedro may not pitch again this season.

thistlewarrior said...

Just saw on TV: Pedro is done.

Unknown said...

Who cares about this anymore?

The real story is Chad Johnson actually making Bill Belichick laugh!

thistlewarrior said...

Chad Johnson, Miracle worker! Who knew?

Maybe he can also get Belicheck to change his clothes. :D

Bear said...

So Spurrier just blew it.

What kind of play calling is that? 4th and 1 and go for the jump ball?

Christian Thoma said...

At first I thought the same thing, but I think they thought Auburn would be playing up to prevent the first down, and they'd have a favorable 1-on-1 in the end zone (especially with the clock winding down). Auburn kept the safety back though, and clang, game over.

thistlewarrior said...

Of course, if the receiver hadn't dropped the pass a few plays back, they'd be in OT right now.

Bear said...

Yeah, but it was first down and ONE. When I saw him in the shotgun I was SURE they were going to draw. I was wrong.

Unknown said...

A jump ball to your stud receiver...that's not a bad call.
Spurrier has always gone for the jugular.
26 seconds time outs...a run would have taken off a lot of time (even with the clock stoppage)..a short out is tough when there is so little room..

I think Spurrier made the right call. Hell, if he had scored the TD, I think he'd have gone for two.

This game convinces me that Spurrier will, within 3 years, own the SEC again. Auburn is supposed to be the best team... a mediocre USC squad almost ruled them.

Gary said...

Dan must be sleeping in this morning. It's ok, I wish I were doing the same.

Can't sleep in tomorrow either, gotta go tailgate for some UConn football against Navy.

So what, I live in the northeast, there isn't much close D-I college football, and plus I'm a Uconn Alum and drinking beer in a parking lot at 8:45 tastes the same whether its before a UConn/Navy game or a USC/Notre Dame game (although, golden domers would probably try to convince you that their tailgate beer tastes better, perhaps because they have speckles of real gold in the beer, either that or they brew it with a special mix of hops, barley and self-aggrandizing)

Did I mention I hate Notre Dame?

William Joseph said...

If the police didn't classify this as something other than suicide, TO may have sued the police force. I would have supported this lawsuit too since he didn't deserve to have it declared a suicide attempt by the police when he didn't try and commit suicide