Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday (Late) P.M.: MNF at N.O.

I've been in D.C. all day for a family event, which is why I front-loaded all of today's posts and haven't been able to update until now.

Back in business tomorrow a.m.

For now, I'd love to get your analysis and reactions to the MNF game in New Orleans right now. What do you think of the dome vibe? The coverage? The game itself?

-- D.S.


Jingoist said...


Quick breakaway newsflash... the Madden Curse lives!!!

Alexander out indefinitely with a broken foot.

rob (warwick)

Jingoist said...

As far as the game goes... You think the Saints are playing for their hometown fans or what? So much for that feared Falcons ground attack.

And Joe Horn just made a phenomenal 17-yard catch, going up high and landing awkwardly. Nice effort.

Matt Berg said...

Indefinatey ≈ three games.

Lew said...

I personally think the game was a bit overhyped. They treated it larger then life, like the Saints and Superdome alone will rebuild New Orleans.

Christian Thoma said...

@wildpitch_20: Saints play the Panthers in Carolina next week. Figure emotional victory tonight + short week + road game = 3-1.

OofTheQuick said...

ESPN spent the first two hours of the broadcast making emotional arguments, but it wasn't until the third quarter that they really started making logical arguments. What Suzy Kolber finally laid out clearly is that New Orleans doesn't run on music, sports, food, or culture -- it runs on tourism. Without making investments in things like the Superdome to support tourism, there's no point in rebuilding houses, because there won't be jobs for the people living in those houses.

Kurt said...

Dan, nice job going 7-7 on picks this week.

You lose, try again.

Jake C said...

It's a night of astonishment.

The Saints are rolling over the Falcons...and the Curse is ALIVE. Madden takes out another one. Will they honestly be able to get anyone next year? Maybe get Madden himself since he's close to worthless to listen to at this point anyway.