Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Next NYC Reading Series: Oct. 4

Has it been a month already? Anyway, I wanted to give NYC-based readers a heads-up to save the date for next Wednesday, October 4 for the next edition of the Varsity Letters Reading Series.

Great lineup this month, featuring:

Will Leitch, editor of Deadspin, who everyone should know and love already.

The editors of ESPN the Magazine, giving a sort of A/V presentation about images from their new book, "0:01," a collection of the back-pages of ESPN Mag.

Tom Callahan, who wrote a new biography of Johnny Unitas. If you come with a Johnny U flat-top, you get in free. Of course, everyone gets in free anyway.

If you live in NYC -- or know anyone who does -- please consider yourself invited. And tell friends and colleagues who might be interested. (Here's a special invite to Deadspin readers in NYC who want to be part of a quasi-meet-up-type night out.)

The details:

Varsity Letters Reading Series
Wednesday, October 4
Doors open: 7-7:30ish
Event starts: 8 p.m.
Happy Ending Lounge
302 Broome St.
Lower East Side
(Look for pink awning.)

And don't forget: Thursday, October 12 at 7 p.m., you can join me at the ESPN Book Club event at the Borders at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle, featuring Joshua Prager, who wrote the new book "The Echoing Green," which is the definitive book about arguably the greatest moment in baseball history: The Shot Heard 'Round the World.

Last month's turnout was disappointingly modest. If you live in NYC, consider yourself personally invited!

-- D.S.


Jingoist said...

Any webcast for the rest of us?

rob (warwick)

Anonymous said...

quality not quantity.

Unknown said...

Just a big story that just broke golf legend Byron Nelson has died at the age of 94


Big D said...

Wish this was a weekend event Dan. Would like to come down for Leitch alone, but the "0:01" presentation would be a dream for a photog/videographer like me.

Damned work schedule. Why do people work on Thursdays anyway?

Ben K. said...

We'll have to see what the ALDS schedule says about my attending this reading. Signs do not point to yes. That's some bad timing.

wildpitch_20 said...

Hey I just felt like throwing this out there and there was no better blog to post it on so here it is:

Vladdy for MVP?

His stats are comparable to Justin Morneau's with the glaring difference being his 15-0 lead in SB. Plus if the Angels are to pull off the Best. Fortnight. Ever. by coming back from 8 down with 9 to go then Vladdy will have to be huge and will pass Morneau in most categories. Just chew on that food for thought.

wildpitch_20 said...

Big Hurt for MVP wasn't your best cause either Dan, 3-29 last 8 games with 0 HR and 3 rbi.

Mega said...

If the Angels pull off the upset over the A's, Vlad should be an instant lock for MVP.

joe h said...

This NL Central is getting interesting. If Philly finishes out as the wild card, and StL craters and loses the NL Central, does that cheapen the argument for NL MVP between Pujols and Howard? Does Berkman even warrant consideration at that point, if the Astros make the playoffs, as pretty much the only offensive threat in that entire line-up? Can't see it, but it would be funny.

wildpitch_20 said...

Yeah, I guess Vlad for MVP was a bit premature, sorry.

Unsilent Majority said...

New York bastards!