Tuesday, September 26, 2006

New Feature!
Asking For Your Tips

As I try to build out the daily programming for this blog, I really want to be able to showcase the best (and most interesting) of what's being posted on other sports blogs. I don't do it nearly enough and I want to do it more.

I figure it's a great afternoon feature: The timing will allow bloggers to digest the most interesting morning storylines and turn around their own commentary. There are so many sports bloggers out there who I enjoy reading.

So if you've read an interesting or intriguing blog post (or from another source online), send it to the usual:


(And if you're a blogger who is particularly proud of something you did, feel free to email, too. There is NO shame in self-promotion.)

I'm not necessarily going to post everything that gets passed along, but I'll certainly post links to the things I think would be of most interest to this blog's readers.

It's an experiment, but hopefully you agree that it's an interesting -- and worthwhileh -- one.

-- D.S.


LoganAvatar said...

Any chance we can get a prettier layout? If you need help, let me know, I can help you with CSS/Blogger templates.

Big D said...

I'm not opposed to "pimping" my own blog...

As evidenced by the e-mail I just sent you. :)

The Rev said...

I have pimped our sports blog that has 6 contributors to it here before and through an e-mail to you.

And I will pimp it again...


When are you going to put up a blogroll? You are linked from our site. Anytme you can return the favor would be apprecaited. And we do get a decent amount of visitors.

We always would love to see more visitors.

Bear said...


It would be great to get an RSS feed for this blog, so whenever it's updated, I can get notified without having to check every so often

Bear said...

Thanks, Cav.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

Buckeye Boy - is Ohio far enough from the cutting edge that you have not yet heard of 'bots' which 'crawl' the 'internet,' searching for email addresses to send all kinds of spam to?

I hear they really like 'mail-to' links, and I'd imagine that this blog has a fair number of links pointing to it, so DS would probably get something like a ton of crap every minute if he were to put up such a thing.

iamunstoppable said...


sometimes people spell out the -at- so that spam/phising programs dont scan a site and snag your email. they troll for yourname@mail.com, therefore, putting the -at- is simply trying to NOT get a bunch of spam, rather than being "internet cool".

not saying that's why he does that.. but it's a good first option.

iamunstoppable said...

john, apparently us MI boys know how them thangs wurk.

Maher said...

and apparently in ohio we know what spam filters are.

oh, and national championships.

at least you guys beat ND.