Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Matt Leinart Is SO Due

Let's recount the size of the chip that Matt Leinart should have on his shoulder right now:

(1) Didn't win a second Heisman.
(In fact, he wasn't even the best QB in college football last year.)

(2) Didn't win a second nat'l title.
(In fact, his team was exposed as overrated chokers.)

(3) Blew chance to be No. 1 overall pick of the 2005 NFL Draft.
(In fact, he dropped all the way to double-digits.)

(4) Earned national scorn with contract holdout.
(In fact, he was the last first-rounder to sign.)

(5) Skanked around with Paris Hilton.
(Slumber parties made him gossip fodder.)

(6) Future father of bastardized child.
(Coulda been worse: Coulda been Paris.)

OK, if this guy doesn't come out, guns blazing, using this chance to SHUT EVERYONE UP, he's an even bigger clod than the above-mentioned evidence suggests he is.

His karma was SO good...
Then SO bad...

So he's SO due for a huge debut as starter.

-- D.S.


Unknown said...

Giving up a two touchdown lead in the last...3 minutes? doesn't count as choking?

And Leinart WAS scorned for his hold out.
But, Dan, we do have short memories after all..that's the point every week isn't it?

I think he'll be solid, not turning the ball over. If he's smart, he'll work Edge early and often to open up the pass later.

Perks said...

Wish you hadn't written that, Dan! I was planning on grabbing Leinart in my fantasy team. Now my friends who read your blog will snatch him up (I'm in first and have Eli in a bye week- yes, he causes me great heartburn).

Blockage said...

I would have to say that people were not on Leinart's side here in Phx. The majority of people including the media were railing him for holding out. The big argument was he was not a top 10 pick. Granted the majority of reasons anyone holds out is because of their agent (paging Mr. Rosenhaus and Mr. Boras), but still.

My guess, they limit his exposure much like they did with Roethlisberger his first year and Rivers this year by running the ball more and picking their spots with the passing game.

iamunstoppable said...

dan, if leinart is an overrated choker, then why are you still on the "brady quinn first pick" train?

or was this again more outlandish claims just to get a rise out of people, thus ballooning your comments section/readership while on the way to using this blog as a stepping stone over to aol sports?

Unknown said...

I think Leinart is meat this weekend against the Falcons.

Can you think of a much worse time to be making your debut? That offensive line is just not good - so yeah he has the weapons but will he be able to use any of them.

Edge will have a tough time running against the Falcons which will cause Leinart to have to throw - and once the Falcons get pressure on him the fact that it is his first game EVER in the NFL will come back to haunt him.

I think he will settle down as the season progresses and he will do some good things - but this week might be a tough one for Ol Matt.

Jen said...

I don't like Matt Leinert, but I can't really pinpoint why. Maybe it's because I have family that just transplanted out to Phoenix from Ohio and they have jumped right on the Cardinals' bandwagon and have become instant Leinert Lovers even though he hasn't done anything yet. It does bug me when guys hold-out, so that could be part of it too. The personal life stuff doesn't help...Paris?! Ugh, c'mon. She's so skanky. Knocking up your ex? Just plain dumb, but he's DEFINITELY not the first to do that.

ToddTheJackass said...

It's funny that we're only another bad performance from Plummer away from having Vince Young, Leinart, and Cutler as the possible starting QBs for week four.

Leinart just needs to throw the ball up in the air in the vicinity of either Boldin or Fitzgerald, and he'll be okay. I witnessed Fitz and college (against BC), and let me tell you, throwing the ball near him, he'll grab it.

It really should be that easy, especially if DeAngelo Hall is hobbling or out.

-Todd (Boston)

Jen said...

Ugh, sorry I spelled his name wrong throughout my entire comment...that is a pet peeve of mine!! LOL

tem said...

Maybe Leinart is just an idiot and all of that crap DS wrote means nothing. He will play OK. This is a waste of time topic...

But then again what are blogs for? They are for unemployed suckas to post their opinions...or employed ones who don't feel like doing what they are really being paid for. Anyway, my dimes worth:

(1) yeah that one gives him a chip on his shoulder. A chip so big that he says "Screw camp, I want money, I don't need to prove that I am the best QB coming out this year"

(2) I am fairly certain the story at the time was how VY brought Texas back, not how USC choked.

(3) Again this should give him a chip, but see #1. Also see: Matt Leinart=Idiot.

(4) I don't think anyone really cared that he didn't sign. All anyone said was, "damn this kid is dumb"

(5) He does not have a chip because of this. I fail to see how this would give him a chip. Do you really think he is going to say "damn I hit it with a famous chick, I am so pissed I must throw for 300+yds and 4TDs." If DS was still doing the Quickie this one would have been edited out because it is dumb.

(6) Again another edited one. How in the world can this give him a chip? If it did then Santonio Holmes would be catching 40 passes a game. Does Leinart say "I must atone for my bastard child by throwing for 300+yds and 4TDs. Then and only then will God forgive me." No he doesn't say that.

jhawkjjm said...

Some people crack me up.

(1) Leinart I think was pretty overrated in college. His first Heisman was debatable since OU's White had better numbers that year than he did in his Heisman winning season (votes were in before the Big XII championship), and I doubt that anyone will ever win two Heisman's again because voters don't want to see it. Don't forget that the year he won the Heisman there was still debate about whether or not Bush should have won it.

(2) Not sure I agree with USC being overrated chokers, they had no defense last year and relied on outscoring people.

I've got family who went to Notre Dame, and I'll admit that they were overrated. But to say that Brady Quinn is an overrated choker because of the Michigan game is a bit much. It's hard to be a good pocket passing quarterback when you're too busy running for you life because of a weak offensive line. (see also no running game) Opposing D's can get pressure with only 4 men leaving 7 dropping back in coverage, good luck finding an open receiver.

And personally, if the girl pictured with Leinart is the mother of his kid... she's so much better than Paris!

tem said...

Now the WWL says Cards to stick with Warner.

Unknown said...

Hooking up with Paris Hilton isn't cause to celebrate or to have a chip on your shoulder.

It's cause to go to the doctor and get antibiotics.

iamunstoppable said...

no doubt, wear a rubber and still get tested.

maybe double bag it.

iamunstoppable said...

hopefully someone will use a plastic bag one time.

(that's a joke, for the easily offended)

tem said...

That's your solution to everything iam! Kill them!

That is deplorable!

Spaceman Spiff said...

FYI denny green changed his mind, warner is starting

Jingoist said...

Here's my take on the Leinart decision by the Cards.


rob (warwick)

Unknown said...

Byron Nelson died today at the age of 94.


Unknown said...

Well, the man was 94. Bound to happen. Good long life.

Of course Dan irrationally dislikes certain teams. Everyone does.
I dislike (why):
Red Sox - annoying
U. of Tennessee - Fulmer, 1998
Notre Dame - Living off the '40s
Marshall - cheaters, cons
Most favorites in the NCAA Tourney
France - in WC soccer
England - in WC soccer
Kobe - therapist for 200
Schilling - shut up already
Any sibling of a no-talent 'pop' star who has even less talent than the no-talent 'pop' star

I really could go on and on. Clearly, I don't have real reasons. But they still count.

iamunstoppable said...

rafael, your reasons seem petty enough that i will extend a personal invite to our blog.. www.sonsofkc.blogspot.com

we enjoy bitterness with no reasoning, im sure you are welcome there as well.

and we can also always use another notre dame hater.

TJ said...

(In fact, his team was exposed as overrated chokers.)

Holy shit, man--that's a little harsh, no?

The Rev said...

Matt Leinart is starting to give off the Ryan Leaf vibe to me.

And that can't be good.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

Can I be the first to say, stop spamming?

You've had the chance to pimp your own blog, DS will probably add you to his blogroll if/when he creates one (although if he hates spamming as much as I do, maybe not...), you can add your blog's URL as a signature to any meaningful post you make, etc.

Just don't post and repost whatever you've recently heard off the wire, and then add your blog to that, because that's not gonna make you my go-to source for random updates around 5 PM.

And I don't mean you, sonsofkc. Although I almost might. Just make sure you say things for their own sake, not advertisement's.

Even jingoist doesn't bug me; there's a topical post that sends you over to his blog. Kind of annoying, and I'm not likely to copy and paste that into my bar, but at least it doesn't make me decide "I'm never going to look at that blog, ever." If Matt Leinart actually interested me at all, I might check that out, and I think it's fair that he directs you to his previously written statements rather than just pasting it in. But see, the comment is topical and belongs where it is located.

By the way, I thought maybe Rafael meant "Shilling" instead of "Schilling," but then I remembered that there's a pitcher of the same name who is worshipped and glorified despite having essentially identical career stats (for different teams, who finish the season in different positions...) to those of my Detroit Tigers' Kenny Rogers.
But if he had meant "Shilling," I would have been right with him.

Unknown said...

Rev. Is Leinart really giving off a Ryan Leaf vibe to you? I actually think Leinart has a pretty good head on his shoulders - or at least he seems like a quality team guy who understands the football aspect of his career - can't say much for his personal choices but who hasn't had one of those nights, heh.

I think Leinart not starting this week is a smart move by the Cardinals - that Falcons defense is going to be brutal and why not let Godboy take the hits and bring Leinart in for the next game when he wont be facing such a brutal defense.

Maher said...

John (the whore, mi):

As a Yankee fan it pains me to defend Schilling v. Rogers, but as far as "almost identical" goes...

Schilling has 2 WS rings which he earned. (2001 WS co-MVP, 2004 bloody sock)

Rogers has 1 that he mooched off the 96' Yanks. (he went 12-8 during the season and had a post-season ERA of 14.15 with 0 wins)

overall CS has a post-season ERA of 2.04ish and Rogers is rocking out at 8.85. Schilling is 8-2 in October, to Rogers at 0-3.

Anonymous said...

40 comments are a lot to go through, so I only ran a few searches for key words; if I repeat something someone already pointed out, forgive me.

Matt Leinart did win 2 national championships. His Sophomore year, he led USC to a split Ntl Championship with LSU. Then they won outright the next year against Oklahoma. Last year's game against Texas was for 3 straight. I know split Ntl. Championships are ridiculous, but as long as the system allows something so stupid, you have to give USC credit for it.