Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A's Go Up 1-0 on Twins

Like I have been saying for the last month:

Frank Thomas for AL MVP.

-- D.S.

P.S.: And free-agent-to-be Barry Zito might have just tacked on an extra $10 million on his future price-tag by out-dueling Johan Santana.


ElisaB said...

If Johan even could pitch against the Twins, he'd surely get his first no-no.

(BTW, ElisaB is my wife, not me.)

Worldwide Reader said...

Frank Thomas is definitely NOT the MVP. Will he finish in the Top 5? Probably. But he's not more valuable than any of the three Twins candidatees, or Ortiz, or even Jermaine Dye, in my opinion.

Don't even bring Jeter into this conversation - not unless you're handing out Lifetime Achievment Awards, which we all know this is not.

jason said...

If David Ortiz didn't win the AL MVP last year, then a DH will NEVER win an MVP award.

It's going to take enormous, probably record setting numbers for a part time player to win the MVP.

Worldwide Reader said...

Jason -

Actually, he had an even better year in 2006 I think, playing eight less games, too. I am certainly not a Boston fan, but I think either he or Santana deserve it. Also, I think A-Rod was a worthy winner last year anyway.

Judging by that Yankees emblem next to your name, I'm going to assume you think Jeter deserves it this year?

Kevin said...

Ortiz didn't win last year because he had very similar offensive numbers to A-Rod, and A-Rod played a fairly tough defensive position (and played it pretty well - remember, we're talking about last year). This year, he won't win it b/c people never vote for a team that wasn't in contention until the last week, unless they have no alternative.

As an aside, any team paying big for Zito this winter will be making a huge mistake - all of Oakland's Big Three starters (Hudson, Mulder, Zito) threw a ton of innings early in their careers, topping 200 IP repeatedly. Hudson and Mulder have already started to break down, spending considerable time on the DL this year. Zito will follow within the next year or two.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

Sorry about your campaign, Dan.

I never would've said anything like this until now, but - Jeter for MVP.

He has just owned the hell right out of my Tigers. 5 for 5, the fifth one a homer to break my spirit completely?

But that whole lineup is sick. Good luck tomorrow, Verlander.

Marco said...

AL MVP Voting (in my opinion)

1. Jeter
2. Thomas
3. Mauer
4. Dye
5. Morneau
75. Ortiz (Try playing the field next year Cookie Monster)

Gary said...

I would implore you to name the other 71 players (in the american league) who you think are more valueable than David Ortiz.

How about 10?

I doubt it, but thanks for playing

Jon said...

Enough with the Frank Thomas for MVP. It's old and it's lame. A National League team could've competed out West...well maybe not, but he only hit 39 homers and hit .270 and he's a DH.

MVP vote should come down to Mauer and Jeter because they've been solid all year on offense and defense.

Brave Sir Robin said...

Too bad the Indians suck. Otherwise, Hafner would be the MVP.

Perks said...

At the end of the A's game, I was praising Dan for his call of The Big Hurt coming up HUGE.

Then I watched the Yankee game. (who i hate)

Frank is certainly comeback player of the year.

But crap, Jeter proved SOMETHING last night.