Thursday, October 05, 2006

T.O. at Philly: Countdown Continues

There's been a lot of talk about T.O. coming to Philly this Sunday. It is, without question, the game of the year.

For a crazed environment, I think it's up there with any game in recent NFL history (recent meaning "ever").

I know there are some easy "T.O. Sucks" or "T.O. Swallows" or "T.O. is an M-F'er" or any number of curse-based chants that the Philly faithful will pull out and try to get on national TV.

(Frankly: More power to them. I can't wait to see/hear it. It could be the all-time crowning achievement of Philly sports fandom.)

Here's my question: Side-stepping the easy curse-based chants or signage, what is the most clever cheer/jeer or sign (to be seen on TV) that you can think of?

Again, I don't want the Comments to devolve into "How about 'Fuck T.O.!' Yeah!" (There: I dropped the F-bomb myself, thus taking it out of play.)

Looking for clever here: Hell, maybe some Philly fan will see what you write and actually make it happen.

What would you want to chant?
What would you want to put on a sign?

-- D.S.


Big D said...

100% dead on balls accurate richard.

Ignoring the guy will get in his head more than any sign or chant ever could.

By the way - considering how much man-love the ESPN network has thrown at TO in the last three seasons, how is it possible that they didn't pull rank and put this game on Monday Night?

The 4:15 time slot on Fox is nice, and once again, I'll be subjected to an endless stream of Joe Buck (boy did that come out wrong), but the Sunday Night or Monday Night game is where this belongs.

And how great would it be if it were in a Prime Time slot, and got zip for ratings, thereby proving how much America is tired of T.O. Maybe that would wake people up.

Kevin said...

This is assuming the game is on Fox.


and then right next to it a picture of a pill bottle.

Kinda clunky, but that's all I could come up with at the moment.

Anonymous said...

The most horrifying sign I ever heard of was actually on a t-shirt worn at Fenway: "Jeter has AIDS."

Why not?

"T.O. has AIDS."

Badass Of The Year said...

It would be great if they ignored him, but since they won't how about:

Drew (hearts) Terry Glenn More

Jake C said...

Used a ton...but always classic now:

Painkillers that almost killed TO: $100
Hospital Bill that rescued TO: $10,000
TO killed by Philly's defense instead: Priceless

Josh said...

Kim Etheredge Fan Club

Gary said...

Why didn't Kim Ethridge pull T.O.'s foot out of his mouth while she was in there grabbing for pills?

That's too long for a sign. Well, I tried...Besides, Fox will NOT show any signs that even allude (ellude?) to suicide, pills, etc.

Some bozo 12 year old will end up on TV with a "T.O. is bad" sign or something like that. We all know it's coming.

What we need here, is someone at the game who can report on all the funny/inapproporate signs brought into the game

Brian in Oxford said...

Kim Etheredge thinks T.O. swallows, that's enough for me!

Pete said...

Game of the year??????

I think you are growing more insane every day.

TO going to Philly is a sort-of interesting side story but only as far a Manning v. Manning was interesting.

I am much more interested in the TEAM vs. TEAM aspect of the game and whether Philly can take Dallas down a peg or 2.

This is yet another example of sports commentators hyping the personal story above the game which is suprising Dan since you really don't have much to gain from hyping this ridiculousness.

jhawkjjm said...

T whO?

Worldwide Reader said...

Game of the year? Are you serious?

Shanoff - you have to undestand - NOBODY cares about TO. Except for the media. Ummm ... and that's why everybody really, really hates the sports media nowadas, because they continually try to shove non-stories like these down our throats. Is this what you're trying to accomplish?

Is DAL/PHI a good match-up? Absolutely. But I think PITT/SD & BAL/DEN are better games this week.

DPrinz said... has an interesting post up about how Fox is going to "take precautions" at the pre-game show on Sunday. To Fox, I say good luck. They can probably get rid of signs but how do they expect to get people to stop chanting? I will be at the game and would love to take the Totally Overdosed sign in but that sounds like alot of work. BTW - can I post a comment from my cellphone? I would post all the good/funny signs if I can figure out how.

Finally, in my opinion, I think Dan is right with his Game of the Year comment, up till now. Not because of TO (though that doesn't hurt) but because it's a HUGE division rivalry with 1st place on the line. It may only be week 5 but division games are always important. That being said I hope the fans remember that the game is more important than some nut-job and if the Eagles lose than it all doesn't matter.

Unknown said...



Unknown said...

id acually like to say i like TO

my brilliant mind just had to come up with a great sign tho

i think he was the victim (wow TO a victim) of police being really really stupid

but my sign is still hilarious, just admit it

Worldwide Reader said...

Why does everyone hate TO so much? He got treated unfairly, underpaid. He left the team. So what???

Can't tell if you're being serious or not, but I'll bite.

Now, actually, I don't hate TO at all. I am just so sick of the media slurping his every move. ESPN is unbearable to watch, with Ed Werder following his every move. Report on the actual games! You know, the action on the field. What a novel idea.

I am curious, though - how did TO get treated "unfairly" in Philly? He signed a 7 year contract, I believe, and tried to wiggle his way out of it after only one year.

Josh said...

Ahhh yes, those classy Philthadelphia fans.

FreKy J said...
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FreKy J said...
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FreKy J said...
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FreKy J said...

Here's a few potential signs:

"You can't spell TOOL without T.O."

"Little T.O. Learns to Share (Pills)"

"T.O. - Stop scoring on Kim."

Brien said...

I don't like McNabb much nor do I like the city of Philly's fans. They all seem like WT

Not hip enough to know what WT means, but I can tell you this:

We Philly fans could care less whether you like us or not. We are the most passionate fans in the country, bar none.

That rubs people the wrong way, because we boo "our own". But we support our Eagles, through thick and thin. We're loyal, and we demand nothing but loyalty in return.

If you were one of us, you'd understand. But you're not, and you never can be, even if you started rooting for the Eagles, right now. It's part of being born and bred in the Delaware Valley ... and we know the posers when we see/hear them.

So, you can hate the playa, but you cannot hate the game.

Brien "Fly, Eagles, fly ..."

chitown italian said...

Here's my theory about the "overdose" incident. I think it was a ploy by Mr. T.O. to get his name back in the news. Had anyone heard his name recently before the incident? How about anything about him since preseason? No, me either. That's why he "overdosed," I mean combined medications.

As an aside, I ran into T.O. in the Atlanta airport he was definitely incognito and wasn't keen to even saying hello (I know athletes don't want to be bothered, so I say hello, offer a handshake, and move on). So some of his "boys" came up to me and said "Don't blow him up." Evidently his "crew" is not educated enough to know the difference between an Italian and an Iraqi. Probably the same for him because all he sees is himself and occasionally his son.