Sunday, October 01, 2006

Clemens 'Roid Shocker!
Tejada, Pettitte, More

OK, this is huge. So huge that it should make last week's T.O. suicide story look small in comparison.

The report: Roger Clemens used PEDs.

Not just Clemens, but a Who's Who of MLB stars:

Clemens teammate (and ex-Yankees playoffs poster boy) Andy Pettitte, plus ex-MVP Miguel Tejada and 2005 O's Cinderella story Brian Roberts, along with others.

This according to a report in the LA Times, based on claims from Jason Grimsley -- remember those blacked-out names? -- via a federal agent's affidavit.

This is huge on an order no less explosive than any of the claims made against Barry Bonds.

I mean, Roger Clemens is arguably the greatest pitcher of all time – certainly the greatest pitcher of this generation.

Tejada is one of the most complete players, an ex-MVP. Pettitte is held up as the Yankees' model of playoff clutch. Roberts' story carried baseball through the steroid-plagued first half of the 2005 season.

The Clemens thing is a rumor that had been floating around for years, but there had never been anything people could point to on paper.

The agent whose affidavit is cited, Jeff Novitzky, also investigated BALCO. His claims are already being dismissed by Clemens and Pettitte's agent, Randy Hendricks:

"It's an agent's recollection about a conversation he had about conjecture."

The paper said that Grimsley claims the feds attributed claims to him he didn't make.

There's no word whether those questionable claims included the naming of names.

I have a hard time believing that the federal agent signed a sworn affidavit that blatantly makes things up.

I have a hard time believing that Grimsley had any reason to lie (but now might feel the pressure to close ranks with his ex-colleagues).

But I have an easy time believing that all of them used steroids.

Maybe this will blow over. Why?

Because fans really don't care about the MLB steroid story as much as the media does.

Because enough doubt will be in fans' minds to dismiss the story.

Because fans are willing to give Clemens et al the benefit of the doubt where they wouldn't for someone like Barry Bonds.

Because the playoffs are 48 hours away. (MLB execs say: Welcome!)

Because stories that break on a Sunday – particularly during NFL season – have little traction.

(Because more people care about an arbitrary week in the NFL -- and its Monday analysis -- than they do about baseball... and certainly more than they do about steroids.)

But it would/could/should be big. Should be HUGE.

It's Clemens. It's PEDs.

Enjoy the day!

Commenters: What do you think about this story? Do you care? What will the fall-out be, if any? What's your take?

-- D.S.


Steve said...

Dan, is the next big story that some politicians might have cheated on their taxes? Yawn. Moving on.

Christian Thoma said...

This won't become a big story until someone digs up Clemens' suspension and the MLB coverup.

Although I am surprised about Pettite. Maybe it's because he used to advertise Christian reading materials, but I never got an impression of him as a cheater.

Greg said...

obviously it is never good to be linked up with PED's but unless this thing becomes the media circus that the bonds scandal became, this will blow over and simply be an aftertought (instead of an asterisk) after all 3's HoF inductions.

Jake C said...

I have said this ALL along! Everyone dismisses the fact MANY pitchers likely used (the reason for pitching's decline). And, I specifically mentioned Clemens in every Bonds discussion. Let's see MLB, Selig, et al, go after Clemens just like Bonds now. (Won't happen).

Interesting - will Clemens now be less likely to return next season?

Maher said...

Like has been said, until you can prove to me that clemens and the rest did it, then they are innocent.

If we are going to look at Roger as a cheater, rather than a genetic freak with great training...then someone better start looking at Nolan Ryan.

Before we start to say "pettitte gets hurt and that is a sign of steroid use" Pedro just blew out his calf, shoulder, and other calf, and looks like anything but barry bonds.

Why do we jump on the new players accused? Do we seriously think they are going to crack just because they haven't been asked yet? How about we keep hammering on Bonds, who everyone under the sun knows is the dirtiest cheater on the planet, and is about to break 755...

Maher said...

can just once, someone come out WHILE they are playing and admit their own use and take down others BEFORE they are under federal investigation?

It would look better if someone not under pressure to confess would actually do so.

wildpitch_20 said...

Enough is enough already!! I personally don't care if the entire league was on beaver tranquilizer any more. The Denver Broncos were caught CHEATING THE SALARY CAP and we didn't take their two super bowls away. That is worse than steroids to me, but we the fans still didn't care. Why? Because it's in the past! Just make sure it isn't happening NOW and it'll blow over. These reporters need to stop breaking the law to get the big name in trouble so that they get their 15 minutes of fame. In quickie form: Let. It. Go.

Precourt said...

They weren't banned by MLB. Is it a surprise a 40 plus pitcher that was the best pitcher in the league took something, no. Brian Roberts the one year wonder, no. It's just an era of baseball we have to deal with.

Amphetamines are banned now, should we go back and look at everyone who used those and put *'s next to their names.

Or when James "Pud" Galvin won 361 games while drinking testosterone from pigs balls. Let's get him out of the Hall for sure.

It's not cheating if everyone is doing it. Everyone's on a level playing field. Whether it's on level 9 or level 10.

There is only one surprise remaining for me in the Steroids Era. If Derek Jeter admits to using it.

Other than that, well put Steve.

Marcus T said...


Richard said...

How dare you interrupt my NFL watching for the most absurd story of the century?

But since you did:

Can we finally admit that EVERY baseball player is on the roids? Seriously, who isn't? Since everyone is on it, we can stop pretending its a big deal.

Now I'm going back to football.

J-P said...

Isn't the media suppose to reports news? Where is the news in this? This is akin to reporting about the Spartans holding at the battle of Thermopylae...let's move on already.

Jake C said...

Why do we jump on the new players accused? Do we seriously think they are going to crack just because they haven't been asked yet? How about we keep hammering on Bonds, who everyone under the sun knows is the dirtiest cheater on the planet, and is about to break 755...

Way to be on both sides of the fence. What proof do you have on Bonds? NONE. So, either we leave EVERYONE alone till we see some, or we accuse everyone we want.

Doc Spender said...

Yeah, Dan, it does matter but it only matters to those who still love the game and hate to see it tainted further by steroid scandals. I've never been a fan of Clemens for the same reason I can't stand Bonds - they're both assholes but it's proven that Bonds did steroids and the same can't be said of Clemens... nonetheless, I believe that he is and that he has for a long time.

As you said, with the NFL under way this latest revelation will scarcely make a ripple but for die-hard baseball fans it's another kick in the balls.

CorrND said...

Does this explain Clemens throwing a bat head at Piazza? 'Roid rage maybe?

These claims dovetail nicely with Clemens' resurgence in '97/'98. Coincidence that '98 was the year of the 'roid HR?

Unknown said...

I dislike Clemens more than any other baseball player, so I hope the rumors are true and his legacy is damaged.

The story behind the story is how the MSM cover Clemens in comparison to the full court pressure they put on Barry Bonds.
What is the difference between the two that would make the coverage different? No, not race in this case. The difference is Clemens always had a decent relationship with the MSM, while Bonds, in a grand understatement, didn't.

Unknown said...

well, if you compare Roger's body now to what it was 15 years ago..he's huge!! Look at his head!

Of course, with Clemens..its just age. With's 'roids.

S Pratt said...

Don't know, don't care!

But what I do want to say is, can the entire MSM (SI, ESPN) stop saying that the StL Cardinals backed into the playoffs!?!

They won their division and did not need a win to do it, because the Astros lost to the Braves. Yes, they almost collapsed in historic fashion, but its not like Houston fell OUT of 1st place with the loss.

OK, I'm done ranting.