Friday, October 06, 2006

End-of-Week Review

Thanks for another great week, everyone! Don't forget:

CFB Tailgate on Saturday!
(CFB Picks here.)
NFL Tailgate on Sunday!
(NFL Week 5 picks here.)

Meanwhile, here's my weekly ranking of my Top 10 favorite newsmakers of the week:
10. L.A. Times: Wrong about Clemens?

9. Mario Lopez: Steals Eva from TP?
8. Barcelona: Not worst team in NBA Atlantic
7. Frank Thomas: Your REAL AL MVP
6. "Friday Night Lights": Great show, no audience
5. J.D. Drew: An epic base-running blunder.
4. Brett Favre: Oh, just sit down already
3. A-Rod: Yes, it CAN get worse.
2. Albert Haynesworth: He's sorry. Yes, he is.
1. Joel Zumaya: It's that bloodshot eye!

Comments Question: Who is YOUR most intriguing newsmaker of the week in sports?

-- D.S.


Tim S said...

Lay off Favre. Slow down Donatello. Ease off my man. Favre has few weapons and still a cannon for an arm. His O-line sucks and His coach is afraid to pull the trigger. Rodgers is not ready. All hail Favre!

Matt said...

Buck O'Neil.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

Finally back to my computer after a great game in Detroit; my nominee is The Gambler, Kenny Rogers.

ndyanksohfive - poor Detroit, they have to pitch Kenny Rogers in the postseason against the Yankees, huh? 7 2/3 of ~4-hit, shutout ball made all that other stuff water way under the bridge.

I would expound more, but I got up at 4 AM Friday morning for work before classes and Tigers and, obviously, drinking. So I'm done.