Thursday, October 05, 2006

Sorry: THIS is Ridiculous

T.O. has written a children's book.

About learning to share, no less.

Submitted without further comment.

-- D.S.


John said...

That has to be the worst thing ever. That's like having Paris Hilton write a childrens book about not having sex!

Maybe TO you should read the book before he ends up "misquoted" again!

Brian in Oxford said...

Little T?

I pity the fool.

Hey Dan, if you bring light to stuff we wish we'd never heard in the first place, and only serves to promote a king of that considered newsworthy? Eek.....

Badass Of The Year said...

That is priceless! At least he admits he didn't learn this lesson as a child. Maybe this is the exact same method (rhyming and pictures)that Parcells had to use on him in training camp.


T.O. has got to be the biggest attention whore in sports. The guy will do absolutely anything to keep his name out there and visible....can't wait for him to be passed over when it comes time for his assumed introduction into Canton...I wonder if he'll sign apologies on Footballs the way Pete Rose has done on baseballs....On top of all this how dense would someone have to be to purchase a book on sharing for their child, written by perhaps the most selfish player to ever play the game of football...even if your not a sports fan you should know he's an A-Hole...

Mr. E said...

I'm looking forward to the other books in the series.

"Little T gets a boo-boo."
-On his way to a backyard game, Little T meets up with some upset friends who start throwing batteries at him. This book also comes with a pack of 9v's and a Little T cut-out. Available only until 10/8.

"Little T says No."
-After playing through a tough warm-up, Little T tells "The Fish" his toe hurts a lot, and can not play for the next three weeks. "The Fish" waits until Little T's mom says it's okay to play. This book teaches a valuable lesson on the importance of patience.

"Little T and the Big Mess."
-After getting into a fight with Drew-boy, Little T starts calling Drew-boy names and says that Lil' Romo is better. How will "The Fish" solve this problem and keep Little T, Drew-boy and Lil' Romo happy? This book is the only one in the series with a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style.

I'm telling you, these books are going to sell like hotcakes!

Jen said...


Good books, Mr. E! I loved the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books!

Maher said...

Next he's going to endorse every parent's dream...

St. Joseph's Valium for Kids.

Chewable, for all your ADHD needs.