Friday, October 06, 2006

Week 5 Preview and Picks:
Be Nice, Philly Fans!

Game of the Week/Month/Season! Eagles over Cowboys: The atmosphere should be so TOxic as to shatter any confidence Dallas might have brought in. Over-under on number of batteries thrown on the field: 7.5

The rest of the day:

Bears over Bills: JP Losman may have been able to run roughshod over the Vikings' D; he's going to get pummeled vs. the NFL's No. 1 team.

Rams over Packers: The short week after Monday Night Football couldn't come at a worse time for Green Bay, which should sit Favre for Rodgers – hey, just to see what happens. It can't get WORSE.

Colts over Titans: Vince Young has Michael Vick's old problem: Until his coaches start scheming to take advantage of his unique talents, he'll struggle. (As if being a rookie wasn't hard enough.)

Vikings over Lions: Despite Detroit's offensive output last week, the defense is so weak that it's going to make Minnesota look like a juggernaut.

Pats over Dolphins: I wanted to pick this as the Upset of the Week, I really did. But I got burned picking against the Pats last week. Lesson learned.

Saints over Bucs: I predict that Reggie Bush ends his TD drought this week... twice. With that TB QB situation, the Saints will have the ball... a lot.

Giants over Redskins: Am I merely bitter that the Skins won the shootout with my Jags last week? Perhaps. But the Giants have enjoyed a bye week to get ready.

Panthers over Browns: A league patsy comes along just in time to allow Carolina to continue to gain momentum.

Cardinals over Chiefs: I know -- I picked the Chiefs to lose last week too (to the 49ers, ugh). I'm saying lightning can't strike twice for Damon Huard, and Matt Leinart comes up big for the home crowd.

Raiders over 49ers: The worst game of the week, and a contender for worst game of the year (which the Raiders always seem to be a part of).

Jags over Jets: Forget what you saw last week in D.C. – there is no way the Jags' D has two awful games in a row.

Chargers over Steelers: Phil Rivers is the new Ben Roethlisberger – trying to stay out of the way of his talented teammates.

Broncos over Ravens: After the way Baltimore beat the best team in the AFC West last week, I should know better. But with the game in Denver and seeing the way the Broncos stuffed the Pats in Denver a few weeks ago, the NFL ends the week with one fewer unbeaten team.

Last Week: 5-9 (Worst Ever!)
Season: 36-24

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-- D.S.


Brian in Oxford said...

5-9? Thank goodness you didn't try betting the spread, Dan. Eek....

Brian in Oxford said...

Next point....obviously there'll be quite the hate-fest in Philly this weekend for Mr. O.

The real question will be, by Christmas, how will the Dallas fans be feeling towards Owens? Will he be booed there by then!

Chris W said...

This feature has Simmons written all over it. Without the obligatory pop culture references of course.

BobbyStompy said...

"seeing the way the Broncos stuffed the Pats in Denver a few weeks ago"

That game was in New England.

LaziestMovieCriticofAllTime said...

Picking Denver to win isn't that big of a deal. McNair looks absolutely horrible outside of a few game winning drives.

I would put this year's Baltimore team in the league of last year's Bears team. Great defense with an offense that will win some games but has no chance to go anywhere. I can't believe so many sportswriters have them ranked so high.

Brian in Oxford said...

To quote the Tuna,

"You are what your record says you are."

No reason not to have Baltimore high now. If it turns out they really are sucky, then just rank them lower later.

Crabdogg said...

Home Slice,

If I hear Bob Lee, Trey Wingo or one of the other completely interchangable SC anchors make a joke about how "you may have heard" about the T.O. game this weekend I'm going to bust my TV. The daily poll on OTL today came back with a resounding 2/3rds majority saying this T.O. thing is media created and they are not that interested in it. I cannot wait until this weekend and its highlight shows are in are rear view mirror.

More important than any week 5 NFL BS, are you going to be at The Swamp this weekend?


TheGoat said...

5- 9

I wasn't going to mention it but since your brought it up...Yes it was...your worst effort ever.

Whittle said...

This is on the main page under a picture of TO:

Eagles fans cheered Michael Irvin's injury. They threw snowballs at Santa Claus. With T.O.'s return -- Greg Garber dubs it "Retribution Sunday" -- the City of Brotherly Love will be far from loving.

If THAT doesn't make you want to smash your computer monitor, what will? christ

mikeeyes said...

I have a suggestion for the Eagles fans in the stadium:

What would a media whore like Owens hate the most - being completely ignored. What would happen in the crowd went dead silent when he entered the stadium or touched the ball and the press just ignored him in the locker room? I say don't ask him any questions in the media room.

Maybe then he'll finally shut the hell up.

With all the Owens coverage, ESPN is turning into freakin' US Weekly.

Generik said...

Heard something I didn't realize on the Indy sports radio the other day. Reggie Wayne and Marvin Harrison still don't have a touchdown this year. Manning only has 6. This made me think of some of the questions Dan posed in the Quickie regarding fantasy owners possibly rooting against their actual favorite teams if it would help their fantasy team that week. So here is my question: Would you be happy if your favorite NFL team is undefeated, but the star players from said team are not the ones doing the scoring after you drafted those star players?

I personally am not in a fantasy league this year, but I think there have to be some homers here in Indy getting a little upset when Reggie Wayne gets tackled at the 2 yard line at least once a game, and then some no-name scrub gets the touchdown a play later. For me, I will take a Colts win however it comes over gaudy numbers anyday. If anything I think it is showing a new level for the Colts where they are showing they can score using almost anyone on the field, not just the big 2 or 3.

Last Colts note.. saw a blurb that Cory Simon is now out for the season, and then mentioned it wasn't "life threatening".. Kind of an ominous way to word whatever is wrong with him. Anway, that could loom large by end of the season.

Myles! said...


As a Pats fan with Tom Brady on his team- as long as NE keeps winning, I couldn't care less if Brady continues to put up pedestrian numbers. Fantasy football is nice and all, but it doesn't even approach rooting for your real team. Hell, it doesn't even approach approaching it. It's just a complete nonissue in that context.

That said, I know some people who have no problem rooting against their own team's starters when they're matched up against them in a fantasy league. One of them happens to be my dad, and if I didn't live 2 states away we might have gotten in a heated argument about it last week. Instead he just hung up.