Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gators Beat LSU, 23-10
Who's Number...2?

The Gators' offense wasn't particularly effective -- well, besides Tim Tebow's trick freak plays -- but the special teams and defense were opportunistic playmakers.

Now, the real question: Will Top 25 voters do the right/smart/appropriate thing and jump the Gators over No. 4 WVA and No. 3 USC into the in-play No. 2 spot?

Well, USC could barely hang on against Washington -- unranked Washington? -- at home. And WVA beat up on the worst team in the SEC, while Florida beat an SEC team ranked in the Top 10.

Good enough for me: I've got the Gators in the No. 2 spot, and -- not to jinx things -- but if they can beat suddenly vulnerable Auburn at Auburn, I think they've got a case for No. 1. But that's getting ahead of myself.

For now, I'm content to spearhead the argument that they're No. 2 after a huge win in the Game of the Day.

-- D.S.


John Paul Manahan said...

if the pollsters have the you-know-what... they ought to do that...

but in reality... usc will be #2.

too much cred on usc than fla.

Maher said...

#2 isn't USC, not after that W(?) against the fighting tyrone willinghams.


put USC @ 5 and watch them lose 2 of their last 4 games.

Maher said...

is being ranked #1 like having a sportscar or something? Is it a way for making up for a "lacking"?

1 & 2 both make it to phoenix this year. just like last year, and the year before.

if FLA is a solid #2, why do you care that they aren't 1?

if OSU doesn't deserve to be #1 (as you say you can make a case for FLA to be #1 instead of OSU) then won't it all work out in the end, and OSU in your scenario will lose to MICH and give the Gators the 1 slot?

Trey (formerly TF) said...

How bout them Gators! 6-0 for the 1st time since 1996.

It's a tough call between UF and Michigan for #2. I'll let the pollsters decide it because I know where my vote is.

Joe (Dayton)

Ingrid and Jim said...

We'll talk about USC after they've played Oregon, Cal, and Notre Dame. Until then, I'm happy to see them floating at 3 or 4. If they do run the table, though, they should be #2.

Maher said...

what if OSU/USC/FLA all run the table?

Ingrid and Jim said...

I honestly don't see USC running the table. The way they are playing, they will be lucky to win two vs. Oregon, Cal, and ND.

If they do pull it off, they will have whupped Arkansas and Nebraska (both top 25) and beaten Oregon, Cal, and ND (all presumably top 25, too). Going undefeated with that sched earns a #2 spot, no matter who Florida played.

TJ said...

My gut reaction right now is UF at #3 and Michigan at #2. If only because Michigan really hasn't struggled yet. Though I think UF have played superior competition.

TJ said...

Dear Jim,

Arkansas, Nebraska, Oregon, Cal, ND vs. Tennessee, LSU, at Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina. Notice I'm not even counting Alabama and FSU. Or even Southern Miss and UCF--that's right, UF only has one non-conference cupcake.

Ingrid and Jim said...


I see your point. And this is precisely why we need at least a four team playoff.

Really though, the point will be moot once USC gets throttled by Cal.

john (east lansing, mi) said...

I'll just say it annoyed me mildly that Michigan didn't enter that post at all. I don't see why UF is jumpable if UM isn't.

I won't complain about your obvious belief that UF should be ranked higher than the Wolverines; UF has played some real teams and taken care of business. But after another thorough beating of a team that can really play when they want to (that is, c.f. Notre Dame, not Illinois), I think you should be better than the average pollster, and mention UM's credentials for a bump above the inertia-driven powerhouses of the polls.

Not that it matters, but if it bears mentioning in UF's case (and it sure does), I think you could stand to throw in UM.

Jingoist said...

Dan, I guess our MQ from the summer about your liking Tim Tebow and my liking Chris Leak is kind of playing both sides of the fence on itself now, huh?

I'll concede a draw if you will.

rob (warwick)

Josh said...

The Florida offense is not impressive.

However, that D is the truth.

FreKy J said...

I'll have new ladder rankings on Monday when I can get back to my database :)

Liam said...

Florida is playing like the #2 team right now. But my thinking is that it doesn't matter if the Gators are ranked #2, #3, or #4. They still have to play at Auburn. Rankings won't help there.

But if the Gators do win, then you can say no doubt they should be the #2 team in the nation. Maybe some votes for #1. So it doesn't matter where they're going to be ranked this week because a win next week answers everything.